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RevverRevver is an online media syndication network whose mission is to support independent media artists by creating a viral video network that connects makers, sharers, and sponsors in a free and open marketplace that rewards. When you upload a video to Revver, it attaches an ad and its unique tracking technology to Revverize the video. Any ad revenue generated by the video is split 50/50 between the creator and Revver. Revver API allows you to build your own video sharing sites. It is well suited for applications that use heavy javascript or AJAX, and/or Flash, but not appropriate for applications that need to update or add content to Revver. For those functions, you will need to use XML-RPC for security reasons.Programmatically view the Revver library. Distribute Revver videos or push users to the Revver videos, and then monetize this for yourself. Syndication and social aspects available.Video
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