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MasterCard Merchant IdentifierMerchant Identifier is a tool that provides rich merchant data based on the merchant?€?s name as provided by the acquirer. It includes recognizable merchant descriptors and location information, including merchant DBA name, Merchant Category Code (MCC), street address, city, state, postal code, country, and sales channels. For instance, querying ?€?CAFETERIA 30020523?€? (a descriptor found on a cardholder statement), produces:Merchant Category: 5814 - FAST FOOD RESTAURANTSMerchant DBA Name: CAFETERIA 30020523Street: 11100 EUCLID AVECity: CLEVELANDState: OHPostal Code: 44106Country: USA - UNITED STATESSales Channels: Brick 100%Reference