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IntrinioInstant access to a wealth of financial data feeds, including:Basic company informationStandardized financial statementsAs-reported financial statementsHistorical stock pricesReal time stock pricesSales, Growth & Earnings EstimatesAnalyst Price TargetsPricing Data for 16 IndicesValuation ratios200,000 economic data seriesCompany newsOver 120 metrics & ratiosInsider Transactions & OwnershipInstitutional HoldingsFDIC Call, UBPR & Y-9C ReportsEOD Pricing for 28 of the Largest International ExchangesAnd much more...all connected via an organized Security Master so you know that no matter which data point you are pulling across data sets you're getting the correct information. Browse through the data feeds in the Intrinio Marketplace, and subscribe only to the feeds you need. Get instant access to your API keys, and start pulling down data.We can't wait to see what you build.Financial
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