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Intrinio Taiwan Stock Exchange PricesANALYZE EOD PRICES FROM TAIWANThe Exchange Data EOD Taiwan Stock Exchange data feed brings end of day prices from this Taipei based exchange directly to Excel, Google Sheets or API, allowing developers and analysts to keep up with this market. Prices are released after the close of trading in Taipei?€?s time zone, which closes at 4:00 PM China Standard Time.http://www.twse.com.tw/en/products/trading_rules/trading_hours.phpAPPLY YOUR STRATEGY TO TAIWANIf you have been searching for a data feed that makes Taiwan?€?s EOD prices affordable and easy to access for your application or spreadsheet analysis, look no further. The Exchange Data EOD Taiwan feed does the heavy lifting, providing validated and systematic stock prices after the closing bell for the TWSE exchange so you can stop spending your time collecting and organizing data and get to work analyzing it.Stocks