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ChartieChartie is a free web API that mines the relevant trend patterns from your signal.Thanks to our technololgy, Chartie's output identifies the relevant trend in the input data.Chartie employs these commonly used concepts:- Rise and Fall: representing the intuitive idea of signal increments and decrements- Balanced: armonious combination of rises and falls. A constant signal is an extreme example of such a case.Rise and fall words are enriched with these adjectives: slight, moderate, strong, very strong.To use Chartie API send your data and then get the output. Example:Request:URL: http://api.chartie.io?key=MyKey&mode=basicBody: [308.0, 384.0, 706.0, 755.0, 655.0, ...]Response:{ msg: OK, msgNo: 0, strength: strong, trend: rise, txt: Overall behavior is a strong rise. In the first part a large moderate fall is observed. }Analytics
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