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1Linx Operator Look Up1Linx Operator Look-Up API allows you to find out the carrier tied to a specific number. This way, you can authenticate the validity of a number and determine if it is a land line, VOIP, or mobile number. Coverage includes US and Canada.Don?€?t waste your messages on a customer that can?€?t receive them! As a marketer you already know the value of quality data. With 1Linx?€?s Operator Look-Up, you can:-Stop hackers in their tracks. -Receive intelligent data on patterns and the history of the phone type, so you can flag high-risk transactions or outright block them.-Increase the rate of successful calls. -Reduce false leads, improperly formatted numbers, or other inaccurate information - and make you next customer call successful.-Ensure the phone number can receive SMS messages.-Enables you to know the origin of the number, and - if it?€?s a mobile number - confirm that the carrier allows SMS messages.Mobile